Using Honesty to Reach Goals

Using Honesty to Reach Goals

October 15, 2017

Being human is an interesting experience; we always want more.

What it is, isn’t the topic; but just the feeling that there’s this drive inside each of us, that perpetually persuades us to “grow”.

It could be physically, financially, intellectually, spiritually, romantically, or whatever; we’re driven, especially in the west, by our desires to “better”.

I feel that this is why when most with the entrepreneurs spirit realize the opportunities, they take the reigns, and advance onward to build a business of their own.

After overcoming some difficult challenges, which come with any great undertaking, many of us lose sight of our original intentions, and begin to feel drained; then, the feeling of being stuck sinks in.

From what I’ve learned about myself, and what I’ve seen around me, this feeling of being stuck comes from a disturbance inside ourselves, with ourselves; I feeel that with honesty, we can become unstuck, and reach our goals.

Honesty to Overcome Self-Confidence Issues

A healthy sense of self-confidence is needed to achieve any worthwhile goal.

Healthy in a sense that should be aware to avoid both extremes: low self-confidence and an inflated sense of self-confidence.

Low self-confidence manifests itself as physical resistance towards our goals; an inflated self-confidence can be more reckless though.

Having an over exaggerated view of our own abilities and accomplishments leads to terrible frustrations, disappointments, and even rage when our reality doesn’t align with our views.

Carrying through with this notion is a surefire way of sinking into depression, and creating a false sense of entitlement for ourselves.

This kind of arrogance is sure to distance us from others, and to prevent any form of emotionally satisfying relationships from developing.

Psychologists, who continuously provide therapy for these issues, say that self-confidence issues are linked and rooted from disturbances in our self-image; they stem from underlying insecurities and negative feelings about the self.

I feel that becoming brutally honest with ourselves about the consequences of our views can really help balance our sense of self.

Having incredibly high expectations can set us up for disappointment; and having incredibly low expectations won’t motivate us for anything.

In finding a solution – or balance – our intentions and motivations play a significant role.


Honesty in Examining Our Intentions

In the Eastern parts of the world, there’s a different attitude placed on the idea of self-confidence and self-esteem.

That attitude is simplified down to the self; these are issues of the self, and so the solution will also be found in the self.

In observing ourselves, we’ll find two distinct sides of our self when pursuing anything.

One sense of our self, is consumed only by our own emotions and self-interests, with absolutely no regard for the well being of others.

The other sense of self is based on a genuine concern for others, and an urge to be of real use to those around you.

In another view, one sense of self can feed pride, the other humility.

When we honestly examine our intentions, we’ll find that we have more information to better understand the results from our experience, and the consequences of our attitudes.

It could be that if we align our intentions with our focus, we can confidently take action, and create momentum towards our goals.


Fearless and honest self-appraisal is a powerful tool against low self-esteem, and the inevitable challenges we face during growth.

Being honest about our own capabilities and limitations with ourselves (and others) directly counteracts feelings of disturbance in our self-confidence.

It’s as if the more honest we are with ourselves, the bigger the chance of avoiding the feeling of stuck.

It’s in this way, I think we can allow ourselves to act without the burden of anxiety.

We no longer feel worried about being “exposed,” or having to prove something to someone.

From there, I feel we just need to ride the momentum, and reach new heights.

When I look at the great people around me, I can’t help but realize that honest self expression doesn’t only allow serious progress towards our goals, but it also opens the doors to deep self-knowledge, and a happier, more confident self.




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