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The Dark Side of Being in Business

Business is an incredible career path filled with so much flexibility and opportunity. 👍   But, are you aware of the definite dark side to being in business?   It’s a trap many professionals fall into. ⚠️   See, business[...]

Failing is a Good Sign

Not getting the results you want?   Failing in your business attempts, artistic endeavors, or with your relationships?   This might make one feel angry, hopeless, shameful, maybe even envious of others’ achievements. It’s painful. 😔   I know, because[...]

The Position of our Shadow Self

This year has been a year of significant change.   Events have shaken and stirred us out of our comfortable routines.   They’ve dusted off the cobwebs and tested our fortitude.   Parts of ourselves once repressed, lurking in the[...]

How One Belief Can Shape an Outcome

Ever think about or desire something really deeply, then begin to see it around you everywhere?   Maybe, it’s a car you’ve been wanting. Or, an opportunity you’ve been interested in.   It could even be a personality trait in[...]

What is Procrastination and How to Overcome it

Is procrastination a problem for you? I, as well as many other professionals I know, deal with it from time to time. Especially on those big tasks/projects. “I’ll do it later tonight.” “Oh, it’s too late now. Tomorrow.” “Let me[...]

How to Defeat Self-Doubt and Persevere Through Difficult Times

If you’re on the entrepreneurial path, chances are, you have some big goals. Even if your goals aren’t THAT big, you’ll probably need to make some changes to reach them. I mean, if you didn’t, you’d probably have already accomplished[...]

Dealing with Fear

Often times, we know what we need to do to get what we want.   We just have this feeling – labeled fear – that prevents us from doing it.   Maybe it’s the fear of rejection. Or, maybe the[...]

How Your Enemies Become Your Life’s Greatest Gifts

Do you consider some people in your life to be enemies?   Maybe these are people that, in a sense, “hold you back”?   Like, if they weren’t in your life, things would be much better.   You’d have the[...]

How Non-attachment Helps with Self-Sabotage

There’s people that move on fast and get ahead quickly.   Then, there’s people who often find themselves stuck, struggling to advance.   The people who seem to be getting on well have developed the habits of accepting circumstances and[...]

How to Change Yourself to Adapt and Thrive

We’re in the midst of some great changes right now.   Over the last 20-30 years, we experienced tremendous technological advances which revolutionized our ways of life.   Now, it seems as if we’re being given a chance to “catch[...]