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The Dark Side of Being in Business

Business is an incredible career path filled with so much flexibility and opportunity. ?   But, are you aware of the definite dark side to being in business?   It’s a trap many professionals fall into. ⚠️   See, business[...]

The Person to Blame for Your Mess

This probably isn’t for you. But, if it is, you probably won’t like hearing it… And, if that’s the case… You probably need to. Here it is — How’s life treating you right now? Do you feel like you’re THRIVING?[...]

Security from Money

Our culture has been filled with many myths revolving around financial education. In addition to separating our daily life into work and play, these myths have conditioned people’s minds to view money completely backwards from what it actually is. Like[...]

The Story of the Jobless Man

A smart but jobless man applied for a desk job position at an office of a very big corporation. The employer interviewed him, then gave him a test; the man passed. “You’re hired” the employer said. “Give me you’re email address,[...]

Elementary Basics of Debt

Debt sucks. Being in debt sucks more. But it happens; it’s a major part to the financial system we’ve created and are apart of. Plastic IOU cards are some of the easiest things to get, and we always have something in[...]

6 Ways to Create Your Own Job

Money is an important part to our society; it’s how we measure the value of exchange between people in the market. Without it, it’s increasingly difficult to survive in the communities we’ve built. That’s why most of us get a[...]