Business & Brand Development

As an Entrepreneur with seven years of experience creating and running a wholesale distribution business, I believe I’ve developed skills necessary to provide value that can make an impact.

There’s a saying in Martial Arts, “The black belt has tapped more times than the white belt has ever stepped foot on the mat“.

I’ve been fortunate enough to figuratively “tap” many different times, doing many different things.

Over the past several years of my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve fulfilled responsibilities of many different positions. My professional experience includes assessing the fulfillment needs of a client and creating deliverables that go beyond expectations.

Through the process of building a company ground-up and staying profitable for 7 years, I’ve developed keen business acumen and strategic problem-solving skills. This business, which started as a hobby, served as the dojo where my skills and abilities were put to a real-life test.

One of my chief aims now is to deliver real practical value to those who need a hand developing their business and crafting an effective marketing strategy.

Need help with your Business Development or Marketing?

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Brand Development

Strategic Direction

Systems Development

Sales Funnels

Custom tailored & beautifully constructed websites

Design, Development, and Implementation

Search Engine Optimization

Copy-Writing & Editing

Campaign Development

Research and Data Gathering

Content Creation

Effectively increase brand awareness

Reach Potential Customers

Engage & Spread Message

Keyword Research

Rank high in searches

Increase Organic Traffic

Improve ROI of website

Logos & Business Cards

Branding & Social Media Images

Advertisements – Banners

Print/Digital – Product Packaging Design

After a brief discussion about your project/plan, I’ll be able to tell you if and exactly how I can help you.

I know I can’t help everyone, so I won’t waste any of your time if I don’t think we’ll be a mutually beneficial match.

Thanks for your attention! If after your review, you feel that you’d like to have a discussion, reach out to me using the Contact Page.