Where does my Puzzle Piece Fit?

Where does my Puzzle Piece Fit?

May 26, 2017

The world is like a giant puzzle board, and we’re all trying to find how our piece best fits.

In today’s fast paced, technology world, it’s so easy to be flooded with so much information. It’s no surprise when the light bulb in the entrepreneurs mind goes off; they’re always finding themselves with new ideas to pursue.

But what determines what they actually move forward with? Which one’s are right for them?

My intuition tells me that there’s a time to really analyse, and a time to jump in, and join the dance.

Sometimes we spend so long thinking about a certain idea, and that’s all we end up doing – thinking.

Days, weeks, months go by, and all we’ve done is think of more things to think about.

It’s necessary to have a plan; but a plan is only good if it’s tried with some good, old-fashioned, hard work.

I’m convinced additional clarity comes through that hard work, and from there, our vision can be re-defined.


It’s said that if your first release doesn’t have any mistakes, you waited too long to release.

I think if we’re to find that special spot, where our piece fits, it’s going to be in the daily grind, pursuing our ideas and passions.

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