How to Defeat Self-Doubt and Persevere Through Difficult Times

How to Defeat Self-Doubt and Persevere Through Difficult Times

May 5, 2020
If you’re on the entrepreneurial path, chances are, you have some big goals.
Even if your goals aren’t THAT big, you’ll probably need to make some changes to reach them.
I mean, if you didn’t, you’d probably have already accomplished what you wanted – right?
We’re all on this boat.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve already created a 6-7 figure enterprise, are just starting to build your customer base, or if you’re still in the beginning stages of setting your business up.
If you’re looking to reach the next level, you have to start doing something different to get new results.
Well, for most, the problem isn’t doing something different.
Most people can try something new for a few days.
Especially after reading a good book, going to a seminar, or receiving some sound advice.
These things pump us up.
They motivate us – help push us forward.
The thing is, although the behavior needs to continue, that spur of motivation doesn’t last.
Breakthroughs come about through consistent effort.
New levels are reached by persevering.
Sure, motivation can help get us started, but we need something more profound that will carry us forward.
Especially through those tough moments.
And, no matter how much you’ve accomplished, everyone experiences hard times.
Those days or weeks when we feel like the world is too much.
When we just want to avoid or escape the feeling of hopelessness.
Sometimes it just feels like the cards are stacked against us and there’s nothing we can do.
Entrepreneurs especially feel this.
One moment we’re feeling like we’re on top of the world, then the next we feel crushed and defeated.
It’s normal to experience this through.
Actually, an integral part to building anything worthwhile.
Expanding out of our comfort zone and developing new skills/abilities comes with a catch.
That catch is self-doubt.
“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”
– William Shakespeare
Self-doubt is something everybody experiences.
Especially when taking on bigger projects and more responsibilities.
It’s not always we’ll have the right motivational piece to push us forward.
Sooner or later, momentum will subside, and we’ll need something else that will carry us through the obstacles and challenges that arise.
That’s why we need something more compelling.
Something we can always rely on.
That something is a deep enough REASON.
If we’re to commit to achieving our goals, we need to make sure we’re crystal clear on our WHY.
A strong enough PURPOSE for doing what we do will help keep our head in the game – even when we feel like we can’t go any further.
Anyone can start something.
But not everyone will reach what they set out to.
The people who have a clear and compelling WHY unleash a sense of determination within themselves to do what needs to be done.
Even when the going gets tough.
So, whether you’re starting a new venture, taking your business to the next level, or just acquiring the skills necessary to do what you want to later, perseverance is what’s going to make the
We can’t rely on motivation to reach our goals.
By diving deep within to discover what drives and motivates us, we completely change the course of our lives.
Having a clear WHY makes the difference by enabling us to focus our efforts on what matters most.
This is how we defeat self-doubt and make it through those tough days.
The feeling of hopelessness is no match against PURPOSE.
“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche
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