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The Dark Side of Being in Business

Business is an incredible career path filled with so much flexibility and opportunity. 👍   But, are you aware of the definite dark side to being in business?   It’s a trap many professionals fall into. ⚠️   See, business[...]

Why Aligning is More Important Than Hustling

Business owners and entrepreneurs are often viewed as incredibly hard workers.   We live in a society that seems to reward constant action.   Therefore, it’s common that we hear the phrase “you gotta hustle to make it”.   This[...]

Ideas Are Only Useful When Acted On

Looking around at the many successful business tycoons, it’s clear that all it really takes is one good idea to solve a problem once thought to be impossible to solve.   One good idea to create success beyond that which[...]

What is Marketing Really All About

Marketing tools are available and used by the masses.   Millions are using social media platforms, posting pictures, creating threads, sending emails, and posting blog articles daily.   Business owners leverage these tools heavily – some with more success than[...]

The Right Attitude for Sales

All businesses have one thing in common, and this thing determines whether they keep their doors open or closed.   Like the heart is to the human body, this thing is a critical facet to any company’s survival.   Regardless[...]

WHY is the Reason People Don’t Start Their Business

Many people want to start a business.   They look around and see others working for themselves, and they like the idea.   Maybe it’s the perceived status, freedom, or even the limitless earning opportunities that come with it.  [...]

Behind the Scenes of an Entrepreneur’s Success

The role of the entrepreneur entails a lot more than people see.   Most people are only aware of the business and the service the business provides.   There’s little thought that goes into the development of said business.  [...]

Success as a Double-edged Sword – Success Syndrome

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is portrayed as a high-status position in modern society.   The money. The freedom. The luxury. The adventure.   It all creates the illusion of happiness.   Thus, making the role a heavily sought after one to[...]

How To Make The Most Of Your Time

“Time is against us”   We’ve all heard that one before.   Maybe felt like we’ve experienced it, too.   Things pile up, and with so much to do, it becomes difficult to balance everything.   At least, that was[...]

Creating Your Dream Job or Business

The dream job.   Making tons of money doing what you absolutely love.   You’ve probably heard that saying, “Just follow your passion!”   It sounds like great advice for someone wondering what they should do with their life.  [...]