Creating Your Dream Job or Business

The dream job.   Making tons of money doing what you absolutely love.   You’ve probably heard that saying, “Just follow your passion!”   It sounds like great advice for someone wondering what they should do with their life.  [...]

Reality Behind the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The entrepreneur’s life. Setting your own schedule and running your business the way YOU want. The idea of taking charge and becoming your own “boss”. Today, more than ever, it looks like a fabulous lifestyle most people want. For sure,[...]

Two Sides to Everything, Including Riches

The money. The house. The cars. The luxury. The so-called freedom. All the toys you can play with, and more money than you know what to do with. It sounds nice, right? As an entrepreneur, I look around and see[...]

You’ll Only be Happy When…

You’ll only be happy when…. You drive that new car. You live in that big house. You have that athletic body. You’re in a relationship with the perfect spouse. You have a prosperous business. And, when you make tons of[...]

Overcoming Rationalizations That Stop You From Your Dreams

Ever find yourself coming up with incredibly great reasons to NOT go after something you truly want? As silly as it sounds, it’s completely natural for the human mind – particularly the ego – to come up with reasons to[...]

What Normal can Mean to Us

This quarantine is affecting us all. It’s put many of us out of work, and left us in danger of being exposed. It seems like we’ve been home for a long time now, trying to stop the spread. And, there’s[...]

Thinking can Prevent us from our Dream Life

Got BIG dreams, but don’t know if you’ll make it? Feel like you’re trapped in your current circumstances? Maybe disappointed with yourself because you can’t find a way out? I get it. I’ve been there, too. The internet has opened[...]

Your Heart Guides You

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Remember that thing you wanted to do? You know, that thing you promised yourself you’d do. You shared it with someone else, too. Told em’ you’d really like to do it. But… you never did. You[...]

Winner vs Learner

What are you here for? To win, or to learn? It makes a difference. A BIG difference. A difference in perspective. A difference in performance. A difference in longevity. If you’re trying to win, chance are, you’re not going to[...]

Deciding to Change

So, things aren’t going the way you want them to. Maybe you’re depressed, out of shape, and you wake up unmotivated. Maybe your finances suck; or, you just feel unfulfilled and would like to accomplish more. You have this idea,[...]