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Journey Toward Peace of Mind – Discovering Life’s Real Fortunes

Today, more than ever, there’s an influx of those on the lonely journey towards freedom; they’re labeled Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are seen as creators; by innovating, producing, and marketing, they shape their surroundings, and change the world around them.

Curious Fortune is around for Entrepreneurs fascinated with philosophy and self-development, who are looking to level up in life and business.

The entrepreneurial mindset carries with it a unique perspective on life; and that’s what we’re all about here.

The Mission: By cultivating a curiosity for life, Curious Fortune aims to connect with real modern self-starters and to explore the potentials of humankind.

All throughout life, we’re mostly looking for the same things. Through the perspective of others, we get to see these same things differently.

Curious Fortune is a place to see the same things, in different ways… if anything, it’s here to provide some food for thought.

– This is a place for those curious about the future and young at heart –


My name’s Edmond.

I’m just a regular guy, playing the role of an entrepreneur, and learning to surf life’s waves.

The “official business-story” starts when I was 21, and fascinated with the idea of becoming self-sufficient. Living alone, and still – for the most part – confused about life, I dared to start my first official business.

It was in February of 2012, I beat my excuse to the punch. Before I could convince myself of a reason not to, I drove down to the city, and took the first steps to registering a business.

I had no idea what I was signing up for.

At the time, I was probably thinking that I’m just experimenting – playing a game. “Buying some things – then selling them. Simple“.

With less than $200, and zero business connections, knowledge, or experience, I managed to build a successful company in wholesale and eCommerce.

This business became the dojo where my skills and abilities were put to a real-life test.

Thinking back, I don’t think I would have ever taken a step forward if I continued thinking in the same ways I used to…

– the same way the majority does.

The self-actualization that an individual can experience on the lonely journey of an entrepreneur is truly remarkable.

Growing up educated within the Los Angeles public schools system, I never thought I’d see the world the way I do today.

Half-way through my studies in college, about 50 something units in, I had to face a tough fact – regular institutions weren’t exactly catering to my present day needs.

The modern-day school system wasn’t going to help me create the life I really wanted.

I found peace of mind having faith that clues from another’s entrepreneurial experience would guide me to –  in a way – adjust to the sails of my own life’s wind.

Reading various philosophies, and repeatedly hearing “what’s outside is a reflection of the inside,” I realized that our greatest assets remain within us.

So for guidance and knowledge, my attention was drawn towards the mental attitudes of other great people, and the lessons left behind from their own experiences.

Today, I’m incredibly grateful for the level of value I’m able to deliver; but more so, for the tidbits of truth – which continue to shave off parts of my perspective that no longer belong.

I realize I would have never had this privilege if I didn’t become aware of my only responsibility – the responsibility over the way I think, and the stories I tell myself in my own mind.

I want to say that I’m wholeheartedly appreciative of your attention here.

If you ever need access to me, you can use the Contact Us page; and I encourage anyone who needs to, to use it without hesitation.

With everything I do on Curious Fortune, I really want to make a positive difference in how you see the world.

Although I understand the less I say, the more likely I am to be heard, I created this platform to share my appreciation of the human experience.

From the countless experiences I’ve learned from, I know just enough to know that I don’t know.

So – My presence in this community should be accepted as merely a reflection of another man’s way of thinking.

If it’s to benefit anyone, it should be by a way of signaling us to look inside ourselves, towards our own self-actualization.

My personal aims with this website are to:

  1. Share
  2. Connect
  3. Create

I know that as an individual, I’m different; but really, I’m just the same as everybody else.

Take away the flesh and memories, and I could be you.

When it boils down to it, the way I see it is: I’m just another human, human’ing with other humans… and it’s a pretty cool trip.

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