6 Ways to Create Your Own Job

6 Ways to Create Your Own Job

June 16, 2017

Money is an important part to our society; it’s how we measure the value of exchange between people in the market. Without it, it’s increasingly difficult to survive in the communities we’ve built.

That’s why most of us get a job, and work for a company.

More often than not though, we hate our jobs. We get hired to do things so boring, no one else will do them; and that’s why we’re paid – to do the boring things no one else wants to do.

Luckily, that’s not the only way to earn money; there’s actually quite a few different ways to earn it.

Below, I’ve listed a few different ways I’ve recognized people earning a living, relying on their own capabilities (creating a job for themselves):

1. Providing a Service – Our communities need certain things to make progress and continue running smoothly. A big part of that comes from people who provide special services to give us convenience or just keep us going. Some require a license, others don’t. Examples – Baby Sitting, (Web/Graphic) Design, Party Planner/Organizer, Photography, Massage, Real Estate, Dog Walking, Security Guard, Insurance Sales, Personal Trainer, Chef, Consulting/Coaching, Writer, Voice-over, Translations, Etc.

2. Merchant – This is one I’ve been involved in for quite some time. Buying and selling products. You can buy and sell other peoples products, manufacture, or private label your own. If you choose to manufacture or private label, you can build a brand to give your company a personality and increase your companies overall value. Examples – Toys, Food, Electronics, Clothes/Apparel, Fitness Equipment, Office Supplies, Books, Hobby Necessities, Etc.

3. Educating – Lot’s of people have valuable information in specific fields. This is information that other people generally pay to learn about. If you’ve developed a skill and know a lot about a given field, you can start teaching others to earn some money. Examples –  Tutor, Defense/Martial Arts, Cooking Lessons, Drawing/Painting/Sculpting, Languages, Instruments, Etc.

4. Organizing Events – Lot’s of people are looking for things to do, and people to do them with. Another way I’ve noticed people earning a living is by organizing special events and bringing people together to experience it. Examples – Exercises/Boot Camp, Artwork, Hiking, Networking, Speed Dating, Etc.

5. Entertainment – There’s always people always want to be entertained; and they’re willing to pay people in order to get it. Examples – Comedy, Magic, Cartoons, Philosophy, Dance, Singing, Music, Special Talents, Etc.

6. Investments – A great way to earn money is with money that’s already been earned. Now a days, with so many apps and websites available, it’s easier than ever to invest. Examples – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Real Estate, Start-up Companies, Etc.


The best part about creating a job for yourself is the option to turn it into a business when it’s grown to the appropriate level. Then, it’s just a system; running on its own, it generating profits for you, while you move onto your next project.


From what I’ve seen and experienced, this is how most businesses start – with a job.


— In the Resources page, I’ve linked some awesome tools that help me and my business every day. If you decide to start your business, they’ll, without a doubt, be useful to you too.


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