Blog Archive: November 2017

The Story of the Two Travelers and the Farmer

A traveler came upon an old wise farmer working his field beside the road. Ready to take a break from his journey, the wanderer hailed the countryman, who seemed happy enough to take a break himself, and talk for a[...]

Life is Not a Journey

“The existence, the physical universe is basically playful. There is no necessity for it whatsoever. It isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t have a destination that it ought to arrive at. It is best understood by analogy with music. Because music,[...]

The Story of the Regretful Son

A rich man’s son was graduating college. For months, the son was asking his father for a new car, knowing that his father had more than enough money. When graduation day came, the young man’s father called him into the[...]

The Business is a Dojo for the Entrepreneur

“A dojo is a miniature cosmos where we make contact with ourselves – our fears, anxieties, reactions, and habits. It is an arena of confined conflict where we confront an opponent who is not an opponent but rather a partner[...]